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The Ocicat to Win, Place and Show!

GC, RW DotDotDot Judgement of Calumet Cats

CFA Region 4 15th Best Kitten for 2015-2016

Calumet Cats Ocicats is a small cattery located in Michigan. The cattery is named for the famous Calumet Farms and consequently my cats are often named for racehorses. My Ocicats are healthy, genetically diverse and bred to be show winners. But they make great pets too! Kittens and retired adults are occasionally available.

I have been preserving the Ocicat for many years. My love of the breed is for its outgoing and playful personality, as well as its wild look without the need for wild blood. The Ocicat is beautiful, but better yet an excellent companion.

For more information about the Ocicat, please see the CFA profile

Thank you to Roger & Nancy Brown for GC, RW DoDotDot Big Brown of Calumet Cats, CFA Region 4 7th Best Cat, and GC, RW DotDotDot Judgement of Calumet Cats, CFA Region 4 15th Best Kitten.

I enjoy showing my cats. For more information about showing, please see the CFA website:

Cat shows

You can find me most weekends at cat shows in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. I even occasionally venture into Canada!

If you are interested in a kitten, please contact me at 810/765-5782 for availability.

Other Calumet Cats

Some of our Kittens

You are also welcome to email but please be aware that I don't always have access to email and it may be several days before replying.
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